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Mechanization of the Coal Industry in Appalachia

By: David A. Zegeer
May, 1997

We have heard a lot said in the past about the history of coal mining in Appalachia. We've read a lot about the history of mining in Appalachia. Today we want to present to you a group of pictures, newspaper clippings to depict the progression in this industry through the years. Also, we have interviewed an old friend of mine, George Fugate, who is 103 years old. George and I were neighbors in Jenkins for many years. George himself worked in the coal mines in the early years. He can bring us a perspective from his day. Another friend of mine, Dee Dawahare, who again I have known for fifty years. Dee and his family have a chain of clothing stores throughout Appalachia, having started with one store by his father in the early part of this century. Dee can bring to us the impact of mechanization on the business world in Appalachia. So with this I will bring to you a program that we call the Mechanization of the Coal Industry in Appalachia and we hope you enjoy it.

The Mining Equipment listed below was used in the early years of coal mining.  We are providing photos and information of the mining equipment used in coal mining in Kentucky and also through out the United States.

Mining Equipment from 1910's

Instruments and Apparatus

Mining Equipment from 1920's

Mining Equipment from 1930's Stripping Shovels
Mining Equipment from 1940's Coal Preparation / Transportation
Mining Equipment from 1950's







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