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Mining Equipment from 1940's

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Vulcan Iron Works of Wilkes-Barre, PA

Steam Locomotives.
Vulcan steam locomotives are manufactured in all industrial types and sizes from six to 100 tons in weight-- wide or narrow gauge.  All types and sizes can be equipped to burn either coal, oil or wood and any of our wide variety of standard designs can be modified to suit unusual operating conditions or requirements. 

mcgrawA158_1.jpg (32462 bytes)
Illustration shows one of two specially designed low-height four-driver coal-burning locomotives.    Cylinders are 12" x 16"; weight approximately 25 tons; track gauge 42".
mcgrawA158_2.jpg (46053 bytes) Illustration shows one of four six-driver oil-burning locomotives.  Cylinders are 19" x 24"; weight approximately 71 tons; track-gauge 56".  Equipment includes piston-valve cylinders, Walschaert valve gear electric headlights and M. C. B. couplers.

Diesel And Gasoline Locomotives With Geared Drives.
Manufactured in a wide variety of types and sizes ranging from three to 35 tons in weight-- wide or narrow gauge.  Superior constructional features include three-point suspension and distinctive type of spur-geared, constant-mesh transmission with four speeds forward and reverse.  Gear-stripping is absolutely eliminated and gear changes can be made smoothly at much higher speeds than with the usual system of sliding and clashing gears. 

mcgrawA158_3.jpg (35516 bytes) Illustration shows a standard-gauge 35-ton, four-wheel geared locomotive for a mid-western coal mining company.  Powered by a a 250 hp. six-cylinder Diesel engine and equipped with counter-balanced side rods.  Chain drive, in place of side rods, is optional and often preferred by purchasers-especially on the smaller-sized locomotives.
mcgrawA158_4.jpg (32411 bytes) Illustration shows one of five 30" gauge, 22" ton, six-wheel geared locomotives.  Six driving wheels, instead of the usual four, permit safe operation on relatively light rails.

Diesel-Electric Locomotives. 
Manufactured in two general types-- four-wheel and eight-wheel-- and in a wide range of standard sizes from 14 to 80 tons in weight.  Either type may have either one or two complete power plants.  Four-wheel types may have either one or two traction motors and eight-wheel types either two or four.  Gearing between motors and driving-wheel axles may be either single, double or tripe-reduction.  In both types operation is so simplified as to be practically fool-proof, the operator using only a throttle and reversing lever to control speed and direction of motion.

mcgrawA158_5.jpg (37071 bytes) Illustration shows a 42" gauge, 20-ton. four-wheel locomotive.  Equipped with one 150 hp. diesel-electric power plant and one high-speed traction motor, with double-reduction gears and counter-balanced side rods.
mcgrawA158_6.jpg (40546 bytes) Illustration shows a standard-gauge, 70-ton, eight-wheel switching locomotive.  Equipped with two complete 200 hp.   Diesel-electric power plants and four high-speed traction motors, each driving a separate axle through double-reduction gears.  Dual control permits operation with equal convenience from either side of cab.
The Atlas Car & Manufacturing CO.
Coal Mining Locomotives
mcgrawA167_1.jpg (44955 bytes) Type "B".  Atlas Type "B" Locomotive is an outside wheel model. widely preferred for its accessibility of parts and ease in rerailing.  Built in 3 to 12-ton standard size.  The Type "B" Locomotive has established an enviable reputation for dependability and efficiency.  It is equipped throughout with antifriction bearings and the Atlas double reduction spur gear drives are totally enclosed and well protected.
mcgrawA167_2.jpg (29707 bytes) Type "F".  Recommended for thin-seam mines; battery and motors easily accessible.  Available in 3 to 9-ton standard sizes.  The Type "F" Locomotive is the most efficient and dependable Storage Battery Locomotive which has been produced for thin seam operation.   Aside from the remarkable accessibility of all parts, this locomotive has the Atlas double reduction spur gear drives fully antifriction bearing mounted, which has established such a fine reputation for Atlas locomotives in all classes of service.   This locomotive included series-parallel split-field control and has either single stroke lever-operated brakes or wheel-operated brakes as preferred.  In fact this model combines every feature known to be of value in reducing haulage costs, reducing maintenance costs and providing the most economical haulage possible.
mcgrawA167_3.jpg (38289 bytes) Permissible.  Approved by Bureau of Mines for use in gassy places.  Surprisingly efficient in getting coal out cheaply.   5 to 10-ton standard sizes.  The high performing ability of Atlas Battery Locomotives reaches its pinnacle in the Permissible type Locomotive.  Time and again Atlas Permissible Locomotives have demonstrated their ability to outperform all others and with a very minimum of maintenance costs.  There can be no question but that storage batteries last longer and do more work when mounted in an Atlas Permissible Storage Battery Locomotives, which also provides the ultimate in accessibility and safety. 
mcgrawA167_4.jpg (43701 bytes) Trolley. Atlas Trolley Locomotives are furnished in all standard sizes from 3 to 20-ton.  Wheels are inside or outside of frame, depending on requirements and track gauge.  Atlas Trolley Locomotives are usually of the two-motor type with one motor mounted on each axle and driving by single reduction of cut steel spur gearing in suitable welded gear cases, but some models are offered with a single motor and larger machines are of the eight-wheel double swivel truck type,  these last being used for car switching on the surface rather than underground. 
Equipment For Coal And Metal Mines
mcgrawB35_1.jpg (28319 bytes) Universal Cutters
Series 29 for cutting any place in the seam, including shearing.  Furnished for track operation, or mounted on crawlers or pneumatic tires for use in trackless mines.
mcgrawB35_2.jpg (23493 bytes) Shortwall Cutters. 
Series 35 various types either 35 H.P. or 50 H.P. for conveyor mining or equipped with trucks.
mcgrawB35_4.jpg (39691 bytes) Drilling Machines. 
Series 56 Drilling Machine equipped with one or two drills mounted on hydraulically adjustable supporting arms which permit rapid drilling anywhere in the face.  Unit is self-propelled and available for track operation or mounted on pneumatic tires.
mcgrawB35_3.jpg (36219 bytes) Post Drills. 
Type A-6 with light weight, easily adjustable post.  Has high drilling speed. 
Hand-Held Drill
Type A-7, light in weight and of totally enclosed construction and equipped with safety clutch.
mcgrawB35_5.jpg (32645 bytes) Conveyor-Loader. 
Type 61-CLR, a pneumatic tire mounted, hydraulically operated machine with extensible gathering head for conveyor mining.
mcgrawB35_6.jpg (39978 bytes) High Capacity Loading Machines. 
Track mounted, hydraulically controlled loading machines for high capacity car loading.   Two types: L-500 for low veins; L-600 for mines permitting the use of higher machines. 
mcgrawB35_7.jpg (26561 bytes) Combined Cutter-Loader.  Type 43-L "Shortwaloader" for conveyor mining.  Buts and loads simultaneously with a high degree of efficiency.  Only 26" high.
Myers-Whaley Company
The Whaley "Automat" Coal Loading Machine
mcgrawA251_1.jpg (22272 bytes)

The Whaley "Automat" is a high capacity coal loading machine that will load the most fragile coal without breakage, and load-- in its stride-- any lump of coal that will pass through your tipple, or any lump of rock your cars, aerial tram or larry can take.
The machine is track-mounted, self-propelling and single-motored.  The front end swings laterally, and a place 24 to 25 ft. wide can be cleaned up from one track.   The rear conveyor swings laterally and can load cars on curves or on parallel track.
The shoveling mechanism consists of a one-piece shovel supported in inclined guide-ways at its rear end and connected at this end to driving rods for moving the shovel forward and backward and tilting same.  The action is continuous and automatic, and operates smoothly at a speed of 40 to 50 strokes per minutes.  The shovel is 47 in. wide, carries approximately 300 to 400 lb. of coal at a stroke with a capacity in loose material of 6 to 7 tons per minute.  Underground an average of 3 tons per minute of actual loading time is maintained.
The shovel is adjustable to load 10 in. above or 10 in. below track level.  the receiving plate below the shovel insures a perfect "clean-up." 
The operator can easily adjust the parallel lift rear conveyor (patented) to suit height of car or drop it to suit close roof conditions.
When required, the machine is equipped with permissible electrical equipment approved by the Bureau of Mines.  Can also be burnished for Compressed Air Drive.






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