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Mining Equipment from 1940's

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Joy Mining Equipment
Joy Shuttle Cars
mcgrawD10_1.jpg (29052 bytes) Joy 42" Shuttle Car
The 42" Joy Shuttle Car facilitates rapid and economical handling of coal from loader to main haulage system in average height coal.  It has a conveyor bottom and may be furnished with side boards, where height permits.  5 ton approximate capacity.   Storage battery power, or cable with cable reel.  Fingertip controls are conveniently located to allow driver ease of control when facing front or rear.
mcgrawD10_2.jpg (26982 bytes) Joy 32" Shuttle Car
The Joy 32" Shuttle Car speeds handling in low coal, has a conveyor bottom to facilitate loading and discharge.  Full electric control and one man operation.   Capacity is approximately 3 tons.  May be furnished with removable side boards and two removable rear sections which permit loading 24" from the ground.   This type car is equipped with storage battery power or cable reel.
mcgrawD10_3.jpg (23579 bytes) Joy  6-SC Four Wheel Drive Shuttle Car
The Joy 6-SC Shuttle Car also has the four wheel drive and four wheel steering, but is only 31" high for low seam operations.  It has a low, side loading end and capacity of 3 tons.  Fixed discharge, low or high.  Makes 90 turns easily; sideboards can be added to increase carrying capacity.  Operates with cable reel only.  Hydraulic steering is optional.  Ideal where close timbering demands an exceptionally maneuverable car.
mcgrawD10_4.jpg (25058 bytes) Joy 5-SC Four Wheel Drive Shuttle Car
This four wheel drive and four wheel steer shuttle car is designed specifically for use in narrow room work with 90 turns.  Capacity range from 5 to 8 tons depending on height.  Available with either storage battery or cable reel power.  Cable reel models may be equipped with hydraulic elevated discharge end.  Provides maximum traction to travel over bad bottom.  Hydraulic steering is optional equipment.
mcgrawD9_1.jpg (23782 bytes) CD-22 Coal Drill
Although low enough to give clearance in the thinnest seams (overall height 30"), the CD-22 will drill up to 9 feet deep at any height up to 5 above mine floor-- with special long boom the maximum height is 7'.  Graduated dials enable operator to pre-select drill and fed speeds.
mcgrawD9_2.jpg (25736 bytes) Joy Timber Setter
Will lift timbers to a height of 7'8", straight up on a free full swiveling platform for safe, accurate positioning.  A second jack, which can be lowered to mine floor, provides a solid prop from bottom to roof.  A built-in, fully protected, hydraulically operated saw enables operator to cut timbers to exact length at point of work.
Joy Loading Machines
mcgrawD8_1.jpg (29205 bytes) For Thick Seams... 11-BU
The Joy 11-BU Loader is a heavy duty machine for work in seams averaging 60" or more of thickness.  With a rated capacity of 5 tons a minute, it embodies the latest mechanical and electrical improvements, including hydraulic motorized pump.  Patented gathering mechanism assures, utmost efficiency and minimum degradation.  Patented universal chain conveyor swings 45 from center line.
mcgrawD8_2.jpg (26238 bytes) For Thin Seams... 14-BU
The Joy 14-BU Loader is a high production, low vein machine with an approximate capacity of 5 tons a minute.  Produced in heights of 30", 33' or 36", it is adaptable for hard rock mining.  Individual 7 HP or 10 HP motors drive the gathering arms and individual 7 motors are used for tramming.  The pump also has it own motor drive.  The conveyor is the Joy patented universal articulated chain which swings horizontally 45 either side of the center line.  Economical in operation.
mcgrawD8_3.jpg (25543 bytes) For Conveyor Mining... 12-BU
This loader is a mobile unit designed and built primarily for thin seam operation and is particularly adapted to loading onto conveyors.  It consists of a caterpillar chassis driven by individual motors, with the Joy patented gathering mechanism driven by two motors, one for each arm.  Its articulated chain conveyor, patented by Joy, may be swung horizontally 45 on either side of the center line.
mcgrawD8_4.jpg (24660 bytes) Joy 7-BU Loader
The Joy 7-BU Loader is designed for work in seams of 48" thickness or more.  It has the same patented gathering mechanism used on all Joy machines as well as the patented articulated conveyor which allows the conveyor end to be flexed in any position up to 45 either side of center line.  Furnished in either high or low pedestal models and built to any standard track gauge from 36" to 48".
mcgrawD8_5.jpg (29788 bytes) Joy 8-BU Loader
The Joy 8-BU Loader is sturdy and lightweight, built for work in comparatively narrow places.  Its overall width is only 56".  Rated loading rate is 1 tons per minute.  Motor, transmission and gathering head are rigidly bolted together, mounted on caterpillar chassis.  Gathering mechanism and articulated chain conveyor are Joy patented.  Two forward and two reverse speeds.  Motors furnished in standard voltages. 
Joy Cutting Machines
mcgrawD6_1.jpg (18869 bytes) 10-RU for Thick Seams
Trackless Universal Coal Cutter
Designed specifically for trackless mining.  Fast tramming, it has a high starting torque hydraulic motor with stepless speed control.  Hydraulic steering, short wheelbase, and large pneumatic tires permit maneuvering in close quarters and turning sharp corners.  This versatile machine has two complete sets of controls, one on each side.  It will top-cut, middle-cut, bottom-cut and shear.  Horizontal cuts made from 5" below floor level to 7 above bottom.  Operators stationed safely in the center.  Front wheel drive for traction on soft, uneven bottom. 
mcgrawD6_2.jpg (16206 bytes) Joy 7-AU
Track Universal Coal Cutter

Having a long reach, the 7-AU will cut and shear room necks from straight track, allowing a more practical use of caterpillar-mounted loading machines.  It keeps an approximately square face and straight rib for faster mechanical loading, and two cuts can be made with one track laying.  The 7-AU will top-cut, center-cut, bottom-cute, rib-shear, center-shear, angel-shear, slab-cut or slab-shear anywhere in the seam; also has a bar tilt and roll.  Two motors, a 50 HP cutter-chain motor, and a 26 HP motor for tramming and operating the hydraulic pump, afford ample power.
mcgrawD6_3.jpg (11011 bytes) 11-RU for Thin Seams
Trackless Universal Coal Cutter

Only 30" high, this highly maneuverable, fast tramming machine cuts a 30' room from 10" below bottom to 6'4" above, with a 6" kerf.  Cutting feed at end of 9' bar (variable) is 0 to 70 ft./min.  Turning radius, 14'6".
Joy Shortwall Cutters
mcgrawD7_1.jpg (25391 bytes) 7-B Heavy Duty
Cutting capacity of the 7-B is greater than that of modern loading units, thus avoiding delays in the operating cycle.  Short overall length for close timbering; tapered front for full sump cut and straight rib; variable feed control; drum retarding friction controls; drop-out type cutter chain clutch.  The 7-B has complete splash lubrication; anti-friction bearings at all load bearing points.  Slow speed, heavy duty 50 HP motor.  Cuttings discharge at the rear.
mcgrawD7_2.jpg (24512 bytes) 11-B Primarily for Conveyor Mining
Lowest cutter in its power range that discharges cuttings to the rear.  Available with T-23 drop front truck.  Modern construction includes: splash lubrication; alloy steel gears and shafts; anti-friction bearings; lever controlled rope drums for instantaneous drum friction; "free wheeling" rope drums to save positioning time; "lift in-drop out" cutter-chain clutch which cannot be accidentally engaged; and under-winding feed rope.  Illustration shows 11-B equipped with "Bug Duster" for cleaner kerf and elimination of shoveling.
mcgrawD7_3.jpg (23162 bytes) 5B-1... for Small Mines
Where cutting relatively easy and the 13" per minute cutting speed is adequate, the 5B-1 is ideal.  operated by DC motor which may be started, stopped or reversed by means of manually operated "Frigid Arc" line starter and reverse switch.   Splash lubrication; bearings are of the anti-friction ball type.  Cuttings are delivered at rear of machine.   Driving mechanism for both drum and cutter chain is at rear, controls within easy reach of operator.
Joy Mining Machine Trucks
for use with cutting machines
mcgrawD7_4.jpg (28648 bytes) Low Pan
Primarily designed for hauling cutting machines in low vein mines.  It has the same mobility, the seam advantages for handling shortwall cutting machines as the Joy High Pan Truck, as well as providing the seam freedom from jack settings.
mcgrawD7_5.jpg (22168 bytes) High Pan
Consists of tilting table, mounted on caterpillar chassis.  Developed to transport cutting machines independent of track or without ropes.  Unusually mobile, reduces tramming time from room to room and preparation time in spotting cutting machines.

Trolley And Storage Battery Locomotives
Jeffrey Electric Locomotives are built in a wide variety of types and sizes to meet any mine requirement.  They feature "armor plate" steel frames, anti-friction journal boxes and motor axle suspension; hand-wheel, air, dynamic or hydraulic brakes.

mcgrawB36_1.jpg (29278 bytes)
8-Ton Explosion Tested Cable Reel Gathering Locomotive.
mcgrawB36_2.jpg (43858 bytes) Jeffrey Trolley Locomotive designed for surface haulage at concentrating plants and smelters
mcgrawB36_3.jpg (37404 bytes) Sectional Chain Conveyors
Jeffrey Sectional Chain Type Underground Conveyors are available in many standard and special types for horizontal, inclined and elevating operation to suit every mining condition.  Our engineers and technicians can recommend the types best suited to coordinate your underground requirements into a smooth-operating system.
mcgrawB36_4.jpg (30104 bytes) Sectional Belt Conveyors
Jeffrey Sectional Belt Type Underground Conveyors are available in 26", 30" and 36" widths for capacities ranging from 2 tons per minute up to 10 tons per minute.   Where the average grade against the load does not exceed 3 per cent, these conveyors may be extended to a maximum length of 2500 feet with a single drive unit located at the discharge end.
mcgrawB36_5.jpg (26802 bytes) Shuttle Cars
Jeffrey Cable Reel Types Shuttle Cars are built for various capacities.  They are equipped with four wheel drive and four wheel hydraulic steering.  Elevating discharge boom permits adjusting discharge to suit cars or conveyors.
mcgrawB37_1.jpg (41638 bytes) Fans and Blowers
Jeffrey "AERODYNE" Mine Fans provide the highest efficiency in mine ventilation, insuring a continuous and abundant supply of fresh air under every operating condition.   Built in a range of sizes to meet capacity requirements up to 500,000 cfm.
Various types of Jeffrey Portable Blowers are available for blowing fresh air to the dead end of an entry or similar place through flexible tubing. 

Coal Washers
Jeffrey Baum and Diaphragm Jigs represent the most effective high capacity mechanical coal cleaning units on the market today.  These units are of proved design and have demonstrated their worth in years of service in all the major American coal fields.   Both can be furnished in single or multiple compartments.  The Baum type is designed for capacities up to 600 T.P.H. of 7" x 0"  coal and the Diaphragm for capacities up to 200 T.P.H. of 6" x 0". Unit Washery illustrated at the right above combines a self-contained de-watering and sizing screen and water clarifying tank with a Diaphragm Jig.  A unit Washery built around a two-compartment Diaphragm Jig is also available.

mcgrawB37_2.jpg (71000 bytes) Three Compartment Baum Jig.
mcgrawB37_4.jpg (47979 bytes) Unit Washer with single Compartment Diaphragm


mineforeman56.jpg (51272 bytes)

Mine Fire Truck
Delay in fighting a mine fire may be disastrous, often resulting in the sealing of a mine or section which is a hazardous and costly operation.  The Mine Fire Truck pictured here uses water and could not be used on an electrical fire unless the power is disconnected. 


mineforeman61.jpg (47269 bytes)

Bantam High Pressure Rock Dust Distributors
This type of rock dust distributor can be used on shuttle car, conveyor or track sections where proper height does not afford a track mine type.  With 50 ft. of hose, it is possible to completely dust the entire section.


mineforeman62.jpg (33633 bytes)

Track Mounted Rock Dust Distributor
It is an established fact that rock dusting in coal mines, if properly distributed and in amounts great enough to render the coal dust 65% noncombustible, will eliminate all dust explosions and localize all gas explosions.   Rock dust should be distributed in every entry, air course room, pillar and along pillar falls.  In rooms and entrys that have been stopped, the dusting should extend to the face.  In actual works rock dusting should extend at least to within 100 feet of the face.  It is desirable that supplies of rock dust be left on each live working section, so that it may be distributed from time to time as the face advances, in addition to the rock dust distributed periodically by rock dusting machines and rock dusting crews.






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