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Mining Equipment from 1930's










Mining Equipment from 1930's

S-D Automatic Installations

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Harvey Coal Corporations
S-D Automatic - Door Trailers

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Tandem S-D Automatic-Door Trailers-- Over the Bin.
sanford114_2.jpg (46734 bytes) Tandem S-D Automatic-Door Trailers-- In action.
sanford115_1.jpg (18415 bytes) A battery of S-D Automatic Bottom-Dump Trailers.
sanford115_2.jpg (57143 bytes) S-D Automatic-Door Trailers-- In action.
sanford116_4.jpg (59223 bytes) Showing a big stripping operating using S-D Automatic Trailers.
sanford117_1.jpg (81400 bytes) 2-door S-D Automatic Trailer in action.
Special Types of Cars
sanford98_1.jpg (47187 bytes) "Man-Car" For Incline.   Specification: Man-Car. Capacity 60 men.  track gauge 72 inches.   Length overall 22 ft.  Height overall 10 ft.  width overall 11 ft.   Wheels 20 inches.  Axles 4 inches.  Wt. 9900 lbs. 
S-D "Automatics" Are In Wide Use
sanford43_1.jpg (48190 bytes) S-D "Automatics" in Big West Virginia Mine.
sanford43_2.jpg (60979 bytes) S-D "Automatics" in An Open Pit Mine
sanford43_3.jpg (41291 bytes) S-D "Whopper Automatics" in Strip Mining.
sanford43_4.jpg (51822 bytes) S-D "Automatics" in Strip Mine in Kentucky







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