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Instruments and Apparatus

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Safety Caps and Hats

Safety caps and hats have been proven to be of great value in mines, quarries and other industry.  The upper pictured cap is a hard material of great strength, offering tremendous resistance to fracture and is non-conductive to electric current.  Made of seamless one-piece shell, the bakelite cap supplies time proved head protection.  The protection derived from the use of the safety cap, from the dangers of falling objects, blows and electrical current from trolley wires cannot be under estimated.

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A barometer is an instrument used to measure the pressure of the atmosphere.  The use of the barometer is a practical advantage, in the operation of a mine, by showing the changes in the atmospheric pressure as they occur.  A careful study of these changes in pressure, in connection with the gaseous condition of the mine workings, enables a more intelligent arrangement and control of the ventilation, and will often forecast a dangerous gaseous condition existing in the mine, owing to a rapid fall of the barometer.
Regular barometer readings, in connection with mining operations, are important in respect their indicating the expansive effect produced on the mine air, which expansion always accompanies a sudden fall of the barometer or decrease of atmospheric pressure.  As a result of this, the air and gases confined in large abandoned areas are forced out into the live workings, causing the explosive condition of the mine air to be considerably increased for a time.

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Taylor Anemometer

The form of Anemometer generally used in coal mining consists of a metal ring within which is set a rotating propeller or blade.  The air current striking the inclined blades rotates the vane, the number of revolutions being recorded on the face of the dial by means of a series of gears.  The instrument is so calibrated that each revolution of the vane corresponds to one lin. feet of air travel.  The instruments is employed to measure the velocity of the air current in mine airways as expressed in feet.

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Carbon Monoxide Indicator

A small highly efficient, four-cylinder radical hand operated pump develops proper suction for sampling with little effort on the operator's part.   A built-in pressure regulator automatically maintains the correct sample flow, which is indicated on a diaphragm-type pressure gauge. 
The air sample first passes through a dehydrating canister which removes any moisture.   From the canister, it enters the cell containing a catalyst known as "Hopcalite", and then passes through the pump and out the exhaust valves.   In the cell, carbon monoxide is oxidized to carbon dioxide by the catalytic action of the "Hopcalite".  Heat, liberated by this oxidation, is directly proportional to the amount of carbon monoxide present, and is measured by differential thermocouples in series with the indicating meter.

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Self-Rescue Respirator

Although the self-rescue does not supply oxygen it does remove the hazard of carbon monoxide for half an hour or more, thus greatly increasing the miner's chance of getting out alive.  Self-Rescuers are as essential in mines as life preservers on ships.

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Gibbs Self-Contained Oxygen Breathing Apparatus


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Chemox Oxygen Breathing Apparatus

The Chemox Oxygen Breathing Apparatus is a self-contained breathing circuit operating independently of the outside air, employing a replaceable canister containing a chemical which, upon contact with the moisture in the exhaled breath, evolves a plentiful supply of oxygen for breathing requirements and absorbs the exhaled carbon dioxide and moisture.  Thus, Chemox affords complete respiratory protection for the wearer in all oxygen-deficient or highly gaseous atmospheres.








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