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Mining Equipment from 1910-1920










Mining Equipment from 1910-1920


elkhorn2.jpg (59783 bytes)

Mining machine in operation

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Mining machine traveling under its own power to cut coal in another heading
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First mine car of coal, loaded August 30, 1913.
elkhorn5.jpg (56660 bytes) Mules hauling mine cars of coal-- eventually the coal will be hauled by electric power.
elkhorn6.jpg (75509 bytes) Mine opening No. 301
elkhorn7.jpg (81037 bytes) Mine motor bringing out a trip of loaded cars
elkhorn8.jpg (66199 bytes) Tipple-- Mine No. 330
elkhorn9.jpg (47595 bytes) Tipple-- Mine No. 301.  First loaded in railroad cars, August 30, 1913
jd1.jpg (52058 bytes) The Type of Machine illustrated is known as the "JD" Type and is a modification of Jeffrey's 28-A SHORTWALL Coal Cutter mounted on a locomotive turret truck.
jd2.jpg (47553 bytes) Dirt seams can be cut and gobbled, leaving a clean, marketable coal.  Less powder is required for shooting down; the coal is not shattered.  Less danger from blown out shots.  Protects tender roof.






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