Lesson Plans for All Grades










 Name Of Lesson Plan


A Penny's Secret Science/Math (Grades 3-8)
A Paste with a Taste Math/Science/Language Arts (Grades K-12)
Birdseed Mining Activity Social Studies/Math/Science (Grades K-12)
Cupcake Core Sampling Earth Science/Math (Grades K-12)
Career Match Social Studies (Grades K-12)
Environmental Bingo Reading/Language Arts/Science (Grades 4-12)
Extraction - What's in the cereal you eat? Science/Math (Grades 3-12)
Flotation: How to Make a Nut Float Earth Science (Grades 3-12)
Industrial Minerals Around the House Earth Science
Layer Cake Core Drilling Social Studies/Math/Science (Grades 6-12)
Makeup - A Wealth of Minerals Earth Science/Economics
Minerals and You Earth Science/ Economics
Mineral Identification Science/Math (Grades K-12)
Mining Lingo Science/Language Arts/Observation Skills (Grades 4-12)
Minerals and Products Activity Sheet Science/Language (Grades 3-8)
Minerals & Their Products  Earth Science/Economics
Mining in a Nutshell Language Arts/Social Studies/Math/Science (Grades K-12)
Plate Tectonics with an Orange Science/Language Arts (Grades 3-8)
Rocks and their Uses Earth Science
Structural Geology Laboratory Earth Science






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