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jenkins_9.jpg (82948 bytes) A Section of Jenkins, Kentucky, the Center of the Consolidation Coal Company's Operations in the Elkhorn Field. jenkins_10.jpg (48505 bytes) Camp Crawford Where Coal Men and Financiers Met to Decide Upon the Consolidation Company's Kentucky Enterprise.
jenkins_11.jpg (47646 bytes) What Was Once a Great Plateau Has Been Hewn, by Rushing Water, Into Towering Mountains and Deep Valleys. jenkins_12.jpg (73524 bytes) The Seam of Coal Outcrops Here at Tipple Height Above the Floor of the Valley -- It Is One of Nature's Stripping Operations.
jenkins_13.jpg (80813 bytes) The Administration Building Which Contains the Bank. jenkins_14.jpg (75507 bytes) A Jenkins Public School Built by the Company.
jenkins_15.jpg (91304 bytes) The Club House for Unmarried Clerks and Guests. jenkins_16.jpg (71311 bytes) The Masonic Hall Containing the Post Office and Drug Store.
jenkins_17.jpg (90534 bytes) The Company Machine Shop -- A Touch of Practicality. jenkins_18.jpg (84877 bytes) The Hospital on the Hillside at Jenkins, KY.
jenkins_19.jpg (74920 bytes) The Railroad Yard at Jenkins, the Capacity of Which Will be Doubled -- Miner's Houses in the Background. jenkins_20.jpg (57484 bytes) A Near View of the Dam That Assures an Abundant Supply of Water to Jenkins, Kentucky.
jenkins_21.jpg (100786 bytes) The Tipple at Mine 214 Showing How Railroad Tracks are Arranged for Speedy Handling of Cars. jenkins_22.jpg (68227 bytes) The Tipple at Mine 205 of the Consolidation Coal Company, Showing How the Coal Is Loaded Without Risk of Any Serious Degradation.






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