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Trains / Rail Cars

Fact: In the U.S. for 2005 Coal was the top commodity shipped over rail (40.7%).

Kentucky has over 2,640 miles of railroad lines. Over 69 million tons of Kentucky coal were transported over these lines in 2005.  There are five Class I railroads (CSX Transportation being the largest), one regional railroad, and seven short line railroads that operate totally in Kentucky or originate coal in Kentucky.  These railroads, along with privately owned cars of electric power companies, have over 71,380 hopper cars dedicated to the transport of coal.

Kentucky has approximately 108 coal rail loading facilities.  Almost all (90+%) rail shipment of Kentucky coal move by unit train service.  In 2005, Coal accounted for 75% of the total tonnage of freight traffic in Kentucky.

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CSX Transportation trains used for coal haulage.

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Norfolk Southern trains used for coal haulage.

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CSX Transportation trains used for coal haulage.







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