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Refuge Chambers

The refuge chamber is extensively equipped and designed to keep miners as safe as possible for up to 96 hours, or until rescue teams can reach them.  An artificial environment has been created to provide adequate air, food and water and sanitary needs of miners.

MineARC® Systems recognize the coal industry have unique requirements and have therefore developed a stand alone chamber that requires no electrical power to operate its unique scrubbing or cooling systems.

Through innovative design, the intrinsically safe Coal Chamber is hydromatically controlled and operated. The chamber is able to cool, dehumidify and remove toxic gasses such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide from within the sealed environment for 12 people for a minimum of 100 hours.

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STRATA Products
- The Fresh Air Bay is a portable, inflatable, completely powerless refuge chamber.  It provides 96 hrs of breathable air to miners trapped underground.  The Bays are inflated and filled with fresh air from compressed air cylinders as they are deployed. Medical grade oxygen cylinders and a CO2 scrubbing system maintain the fresh breathable air inside the chamber.

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STRATA Products -
The Strata Safety Refuge Chamber is a steel constructed chamber equipped with a breathing air system to provide an area of fresh, breathing air, free of hazardous gases and smoke.  They also serve as a storage area for life preserving supplies such as food and water.  The refuge chambers are available in standard sizes and can be custom built according to customer's individual needs. This includes custom lengths and heights of the structure.

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STRATA Products - The AIRDOC Change Over Station is a unit that has been designed to facilitate 'Self Escape' in the event of an emergency.  It is a transitional station that offers the miners a non-toxic environment in which to rest, recover and exchange SCSR units during evacuation of the mine.  The first level of safety is a filtration system that is connected to mine air.  While mine air is available and turned to the 'ON' position, the duration of air supply it virtually unlimited.  As a secondary level, the AIRDOC has a powerless breathing air system which provides breathable air using compressed oxygen cylinders and a CO2 scrubbing system.

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