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Personal Equipment

Miner's Support System and Multipurpose Pouch

A lightweight but sturdy miner's belt that offers comfort, lumbar support, versatility and durability. Enables the miner to carry the cap lamp battery pack, filter self-rescuer, SCSR, tools, etc. on the job. A one-inch reflective strip sewn over a two-inch nylon strap makes the support system highly visible. Multipurpose pouch with Velcro closure available as special material.

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Comfo-Cap® Protective Headwear -

Used in the mining industry for head protection and featuring a low-crown clearance for work in low-ceiling areas and a lamp bracket and cord holder to support a miner's lamp. Made of lightweight, tough polycarbonate plastic, the shell resists top impacts. Molded cross ridges on the crown provide increased strength and rigidity. The cap's peak helps protect the wearer's eyes and face from small falling objects.

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