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Cap Lights

Ultralight™ Cap Lamp System

The two-inch diameter headpiece is made of high-impact polycarbonate and consists of only five major parts: a one-piece polycarbonate bezel/lens; a computer-designed, prefocused bulb/reflector assembly, featuring a high output, tungsten-halogen bulb which is accurately positioned in the focal point of the reflector to assure the best possible spot; a plug-in tungsten-halogen bulb emergency escape light; the main housing with a printed circuit board for bulb and battery cable connections; and a three-position switch.

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GII Miner's Cap Lamps

Light-weight ergonomic design, kidney-shaped battery pack design. Modular assembly with tamperproof design. Constant discharge voltage providing a consistent bright light for the entire work shift. Low voltage flasher circuit to alert the user that there is approximately 30 minutes of light remaining before the battery shuts off.

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GIIIR Radio Cap Lamp

The Northern Light® GIIIR Radio Cap Lamp packages a complete Motorola radio inside a Northern Light® Cap Lamp to provide the quality, durability and superior performance of two products into one.

With a NiMH battery powering both the radio and the cap lamp, the GIIIR reduces the amount of required charging infrastructure and batteries while offering both lighting and communication functionality.

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Koehler Lighting - LI-16 / Mark V (5200)

The WHEATÆ LI-16 Caplamp System is designed to be an ergonomic, user friendly, no maintenance alternative to the traditional Lead Acid powered caplamp system. At the heart of this new generation Caplamp System is a Lithium-Ion battery pack. This allows it to be very small and very light weight. In fact, it takes up only one third of the volume and weighs only 25% of our standard Lead Acid Caplamp System.

5200 Series Cap Lamps feature a smaller, Lexan headpiece which provides high impact resistance and a lighter weight. Also features a fully focusable dual filament Xenon bulb and a slide type connection of head-piece to charger Mark V Wheat caplamps feature an intrinsically-safe battery, a specially-designed highly flexible cord, and a dual filament Xenon bulb with both filaments fully focusable. A single knob controls all switch and focusing functions. Lamps are charged through their headpieces.

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