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Modern Mining Video Selections
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ARRI - Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative
"Together We Can" from the U.S. Department of The Interior.  A small segment about Kentucky. (6.5 min)

What is coal?
TEREX SHM - Highwall Miner
"Coal Preparation" Consol Coal Group  (6 min.)

1999 Excellence in Surface Coal Mining Reclamation Awards. (10.5 min.)

Joy Mining Machinery - Wethead Benefits, Face Ignition Prevention, Dust Suppression. (1.3 min)
Joy Mining Machinery - Longwall System (1 min) (no audio)
Joy Mining Machinery - Haulage Systems  
Longwall Mining Safety (2.5 min)
Pioneering Underground Mining (10 Min)
Joy Mining Machinery

This video provides an overview of the predominant methods of underground mining.  The program explains each method, shows the equipment in operation, and highlights Joy's past and present contributions.
America's Fuel - CEED
Types of Kentucky Mining - Underground
"COAL Kentucky's Power Source"
Types of Kentucky Mining - Surface
"COAL Kentucky's Power Source"
Coal Preparation & Transportation
"COAL Kentucky's Power Source"
Mine Planning & Reclamation in Kentucky
"COAL Kentucky's Power Source"
Everyday Uses of Coal
"COAL Kentucky's Power Source"
Coal Gasification (flash movie)
"Clean Coal Technologies" Center for Applied Energy Research
Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) (flash movie)
"Clean Coal Technologies" Center for Applied Energy Research
Coal-to-Liquids (CTL) (flash movie)
"Clean Coal Technologies" Center for Applied Energy Research
Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC)
(flash movie)
"Clean Coal Technologies" Center for Applied Energy Research
The MidAmerican Energy Company's Council Bluffs Energy Unit 4 will be the country's first power plant company to have mercury limits specifically noted in its air emissions permit; this signifies a resurgence to coal-fueled technology. See how clean coal works in this video from Hitachi True Stories
Elk in Kentucky Tours & More on Reclaimed Coal Land (flash movie)
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