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Title: Electricity Serves Us
KERA Goals: 2.3


Each source of energy can be used in many ways.  The students will identify sources of energy that produce electricity and serves our community.



  1. Give each student a black and white copy of the "Electricity Serves Our Community" poster handout.
  2. Discuss with the students the sources of energy illustrated on the poster that produce electricity.  (For additional background information on the energy sources refer to the "Energy Basics" at the front of this book.)
  3. Using the poster, show the students where energy is converted into electricity, and how it travels to their home.
  4. Ask the students to help make a list on the chalkboard of ways electricity is used in their homes and community.
  5. As a review, have the students do the poster activities listed on the poster.

Career Awareness Idea:

Invite a representative from your local utility company to some to the class and discuss how electricity gets to their homes.

Evaluation Ideas:

  1. Have the students name the sources of energy that can be used to produce electricity.
  2. Have the students list 10 ways electricity is used in their community.

Poster Activities:

  1. Color the sources of energy shown on the poster that produce electrical energy.
  2. Color the area where energy is converted into electricity.
  3. Color the areas in the home where electricity is being used.
  4. Put an X by the areas that show electricity being used in the community.
  5. Make a list of 10 ways electricity is used in school.
  6. Write a poem about electricity based on the poster pictures.
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Provided by National Energy Foundation