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Title: Coal Products
Level:  Secondary


Coal can be used as a feedstock to produce many items.  The following crossword puzzle identifies only a few of the items developed from coal.


1. These are "worn" by people to smell nice.
3. Ignited to supply heat for your barbecue.
6. Applied to cleanse, or prevent infection.
8. These can permanently change the color of things.
11. Used to prevent the growth of plant life.
12. Substance from which car parts, combs, and containers are made.
13. Used on the top of your residence: shingles, tar and gravel, etc.
14. Strong smelling, liquid household cleaner.
15. Examples: Dynamite, TNT.
16. Generic term for all the things a druggist stocks.
18. Sometimes used to rouse people who have fainted.

2. Colors women apply to make hands pretty.
4. Used to kill or prevent growth of insects.
5. Cleanses and prevents bacteria growth; e.g. mouth wash, mercurochrome.
6. What we call products of washing dishes, clothes.
7. Clear, final coat often applied to wood surfaces.
9. Oil, tar, asphalt road or driveway surface.
10. Chemicals to help grass and plants grow.
17. Powerful explosive that is known by its initials.

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Across: Down:
1. Perfumes 2. Fingernailpolish
3. Briquets 4. Insecticides
6. Disinfectant 5. Antiseptics
8. Dyes 6. Detergents
11. Herbicides 7. Varnish
12. Plastic 9. Paving
13. Roofing 10. Fertilizers
14. Ammonia 17. TNT
15. Explosives
16. Pharmaceuticals
18. Smellingsalts

Provided by National Energy Foundation.