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Title:      Rock Critters/Pet Rock 
Level:    Primary School
Time:     1 class period

Activity:   Rock Critters

Children love to create rock critters.   Have the children collect some rocks (coal) of different shapes and sizes. After you have a mountain of these rocks you can start.

As the children create their critters have them:

  1. Join the stones (coal pieces) together with small bits of cotton soaked in white glue.

  2. Allow the pieces to dry thoroughly before adding to their critter.

  3. Use small buttons, etc. for eyes, ears, etc. or paint them on.

Activity:  Pet Rock

You can show the "Pet Rock" video (available through the Department of Minerals) and then have each child find a flat, medium-sized river rock.

  1. Have students fill out the "Pet Rock" form describing their rock.   Then collect all of the rocks and pass the forms to another student. See if another student can identify the rock using the form only.

  2. Have Students create a computer database of "Pet Rock" information.

Draw a front view of your rock Draw a side view of your rock

Rock's Name: ______________________________________

Light or Dark:_______________________________________

Rough or Smooth:____________________________________

Color description:____________________________________

Other information:__________________________________________________________________

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