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Title: U.S. Coal Consumption
Level: Intermediate, Middle School
Time: One Day
KERA Goals: 2.12, 2.33
Objective: Use deductive thinking skills to solve the logic puzzle from the clues and the data sheet.
Materials: Duplicate the following worksheet


Your job as a U.S. Coal Inspector is to determine which state representatives belong where on the distinguished panel board above. Be sure to read the clues given below carefully. You may not be able to use some of the clues immediately, but they may prove to be useful later in the puzzle. Use only the figures in the 1989 column when you are figuring out rank and tonnage.


1. This state lost its rank in 1989.
2. No one sits on Indiana’s right, but the state that used 90,989 thousand short tons is at his immediate left.
3. The Keystone state is not #1 in Coal Consumption, but its position on the panel board matches its rank if you move from right to left.
4. The state between the 3rd ranking state by U.S. Coal Consumption and the 5th, grosses 32,792 thousand short tons.

Bonus: Add up the tonnage of the six states represented.

U.S. Consumption Ranked by State, 1987-1989
(in thousand short tons) Source: DOE/EIA-0121

2Ohio 59,350Ohio 61,096Ohio 61,016
4Indiana 52,335Indiana 56,762Indiana 58,203
6W. Virginia 34,815W. Virginia 35,355W. Virginia 34,932
7Illinois 34,632Kentucky35,176Kentucky32,792
8Kentucky32,023Illinois 32,979Illinois 32,374

Provided by Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center