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Title: Careers in Mining
Level: Elementary --Primary or Intermediate
Time: Two class sessions
Kera Goals: 2.36
Objective: This activity helps students think about the types of careers they might be best suited for.
Materials: Common Ground Video**
                  Handout of Survey of Activities
Background Information:
1. There are many different mining related careers.
2. When a person chooses a career, they should look for one that will complement their skills and be something they enjoy doing.
Today's society faces complex problems. The population is increasing, and our natural resources are decreasing. We all need to work together to manage those resources wisely. In the 90's and beyond, more scientists and engineers will be called upon to find the answers to protecting Earth's mineral resource. The need for trained scientists and engineers is expected to increase greatly...especially in the mining industry, which supplies the world's mineral products. Ask the students if they'd be interested in a mining career, then try the activity to see which jobs might suit them best.


1. Show Common Ground Video
You might not know what career you want, but you know what you like to do. In mining, there are many different careers, just as there are in other industries. You have many choices for your future career, so try to find something to do that you enjoy. They you'll really feel like whistling while you work!


Rank the following activities from 1 to 10, with 1 being what you enjoy most.

Collecting & Identifying Rocks

Making Maps & Drawings

Solving Puzzles & Problems

Organizing Group Activities

Woods, Plants & Animals

Writing, Talking on the Phone

Computer Games

Big Trucks & Machinery

Working With Tools

Selling Things

After the students have completed ranking the activities, have them look at the ones they ranked highest (1, 2, and 3) and tell them which mining careers might be suitable to their likes.

Those who ranked Collect and Identify Rocks highly might like being Geologists.

If they like Making Maps & Drawings, they could become Industrial Designers.

Solving Puzzles & Problems is an ability needed by Mining Engineers.

If they're good at Organizing Group Activities, they could become good Plant Managers.

Woods, Plants, & Animals are managed by Environmental Engineers and Wildlife Managers.

Writing, Talking on the phone are among the daily activities of Public Relations and Marketing Professionals.

Students that are good at Computer Games might enjoy careers in Data Processing.

Big Trucks & Machinery are operated by Miners.

Coal Processing Plants need people who are good at Working With Tools to be workers.

Those who have a knack for Selling Things might enjoy being Sales Representatives.

Extension Activities: Make a drawing of themselves doing the job of their choice.


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