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Title:  Energy TV
Level:  Primary, Middle
TIME:  1-2 Class Periods


Students will rewrite the lyrics of existing songs using the different energy terms as the focus of their work.

Background Information:

  1. There are different energy sources and each makes an important contribution to our lives and to our nation.
  2. We are dependent on energy from the moment we get up until we go to sleep at night.


  1. Resource books/materials on different energy sources (

  2. Supplies for drawing pictures

  3. Costumes/props (if desired)


  1. Place students in groups representing coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy. Have each team create a name for their musical group (i.e., “The Atoms” for nuclear power, “The Rays” for solar power).
  2. Using a tune from a popular song, have students make up a song about their particular energy source. Begin by making the statement, “Let’s see if we have real talent here today.” Encourage creativity. Example: Using Gene Chandler’s hit “Duke of Earl,” from the ‘60’s “Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Oil, or Nuke, Nuke, Nuke, Nuke of Earl.” Of course your songs will be more creative and contemporary.
  3. Allow student groups a certain time period to come up with something (15 minutes). Next ask them to draw pictures and to create costumes and props (15 minutes).
  4. Each group performs its song.
  5. After each performance ask the students to identify the puns or word plays used in the titles or songs. Also, ask students what they learned about the different energy sources as a result of this activity. 


Provided by American Coal Foundation