Title: The Earth
Time: 1 class period
KERA Goals: 2.3

Objective: The students will learn that everything we have and use comes from natural resources.

Materials: Globe or map, map to color

Background Information:

Everything we have and everything we use comes from our natural resources.  The Earth is the source for all of it.  The air we breathe, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the houses we live in all come from our natural resources.  The energy we use to light our homes, provide running water-- EVERYTHING comes from our natural resources.

We must use them wisely and treat them with respect.

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  1. Using a globe or map, have the students identify which parts are solid, liquid, and gas.

  2. Have the students discuss where on Earth they are and where they have been on vacations.

  3. Color the map.


  1. Discuss what would life be like if we didn't use natural resources.

  2. Discuss why we need to treat the Earth with respect and use our natural resources wisely.

Adapted from the Mineral Information Institute.